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01.03.2024: Added "About" page † {Shrine section} added pages: Cradle of Filth (with music), Evanescence, Emo gallery (with music).

01.02.2024: Redesign of the "home" and "shrines" pages. Change of images and colors.

12.27.2023: de nueving

01.22.2022: making this porqueria :)

I, at once endeavored to see Her again
Stirring from midnight's inertia
Knowing not even her name

On a thin precipice over carnal abyss
I danced like a blind acolyte

Drunk on red wine, her dead lips on mine
Suffused with the perfume of night

For hours I scoured the surrounding grounds
In vein that we might meet
When storm clouds broke, ashened, fatigued
I sought refuge in a cemetery